Biltmore Game Table

Want the latest in Game Table Function? The Golden West Biltmore game table is what you are looking for. The 48 inch round top starts as a dining table. With one easy flip the dining top turns into a poker table and you are ready to seat up to 6 people comfortably. The Biltmore is styled after the original Las Vegas poker tables, which do not have built in chip racks, so you are not limited to a certain number of players. The fabric on the poker table is Guardian stain protected to help guard against staining your poker top. After removing the entire table top, weighing 32 pounds, the table is now a chess/ checker table. The checkerboard is reversible into a backgammon table.

The Golden West Biltmore game table is completely manufactured in Portland, OR , USA.

The Biltmore is available in Oak or Maple woods with all GW standard finishes.48″ standard size

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Golden West

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