The Slot Machine Store features  one of the largest selection of arcade games in Tempe and Tucson.

We have all the popular arcades and multicades, including the 60-in-1 game which has all the classics:

✓ Pacman
✓ Ms. Pacman
✓ Jr. Pacman
✓ Super Pacman
✓ Pacman Plus
✓ Donkey Kong
✓ Donkey Kong Jr.
✓ Donkey Kong 3
✓ Galaga
✓ Frogger
✓ Galaxia
✓ Dig Dug
✓ Space Invaders

✓ Tank Battalion
✓ Crush Roller
✓ Pinball Action
✓ Gyruss
✓ 1942
✓ Ladybug
✓ Pooyan
✓ Burger Time
✓ Mappy
✓ Millipede
✓ Centipede
✓ Time Pilot
✓ Van-Van Car

✓ Super Cobra
✓ Hustler
✓ Pengo
✓ Phoenix
✓ Super Breakout
✓ New Rally
✓ Moon Cresta
✓ Arakanoid
✓ Juno First
✓ Gun Smoke
✓ Xevious
✓ Scramble

✓ Bomb Jack
✓ Congo Bongo
✓ Mr. Do
✓ Mr. Do’s Castle
✓ King & Balloon
✓ Zaxxon
✓ Pleiades
✓ 1943
✓ Shao-Lin’s Road
✓ Amidar
✓ Kai
✓ Jumping Jack
✓ The End

The Slot Machine Store offers arcade games in both upright and cocktail-style tables, and even twin-seaters. Our new multicades feature a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and we provide free local delivery.We have a wide, rotating selection of arcade games to choose from. We have what you’re looking for, or we can quickly get it. And, we repair and service all arcade games.Here are some of the most popular arcade games in our store, available as tables or upright models:

✓ Pacman
✓ Nascar Machine
✓ Pac Man
✓ Street Fighter
✓ Arcade Mania
✓ Arcade Station
✓ Excalibur
✓ Lykanthrope
✓ Mrs Pac Man
✓ Multi Gamer

✓ Neo Geo
✓ Silent Hill
✓ Space Invaders
✓ Space Invaders GT
✓ Super Adventure
✓ Ultimate Arcade
✓ Twins
✓ Twin Ford Racing
✓ Twin Sega Racer

Arcade games

The Slot Machine Store is Tucson’s best source for arcades and multicades. Our showroom features a large selection of games, especially the classic machines. And, we also carry plenty of new games, too.

Need repairs? Call us in Tempe at (480) 839-4979 and in Tucson at (520) 888-0004.

The Slot Machine Store sells, installs and services every kind of arcade and game in Tucson. We carry the leading game brands, and we can repair any arcade. And, our experienced technicians can answer all your questions.

Whatever your gaming needs, we have one of Maricopa and Pima County’s largest inventory of arcades and other game equipment.