Darts and Dartboards

The Slot Machine Store carries the most complete selection of darts, dartboards and accessories in the Tempe and Tucson areas. We offer a wide variety of dartboards, and we have everything you want to play.

• Viper Backboard

• Viper X-Treme

• Viper Neptune

• Viper Hudson All-In-One

• Viper Metropolitan Soft Tip

• Viper Metropolitan Steel Tip

• Viper Cambridge

• Viper X-Treme

• Viper Solar Blast

• Viper Eclipse

• Viper Neptune

• Viper 797

• Viper 787

• Viper 777

• Fat Cat 727

• Fat Cat Rigel

• Fat Cat Capella

• Fat Cat Saturn

• Fat Cat Sirius

• Viper Razorback

• Viper Dead-On

• Viper Shot King

• Viper Bullblaster

Need darts or dartboards?

Call us at (520) 888-0004 or (480) 839-4979.

The Slot Machine Store is one of Tempe’s and Tucson’s biggest provider of darts and dartboards. We feature a wide selection of darts, dartboards and dart accessories.

The Slot Machine Store sells and repairs every brand of dart and dartboard. And, our experienced technicians can answer your questions about darts and help you choose the best dartboard, too.

Our dartboards are well-made and durable enough for long-term, frequent play. We stock and service both electronic and non-electronic dartboards, as well as bristle-type steel-tip dartboards, and sisal fiber dartboards. All our boards are designed for long service, and many feature self-healing bristles.

We carry Tempe’s and Tucson’s most popular darts and dartboards in backboard, cabinet and electronic styles including:Viper Championship Backboard Set