Air Hockey Tables

The Slot Machine Store offers only the top brands in air hockey tables. We use the best commercial-grade blowers in our tables to ensure reliable performance over a lifetime.

Most of our air hockey tables feature digital side scoring with large, extra bright displays. And, we also offer abacus-style scoring, too. They also have oversized rails to prevent the pucks from leaving the table. These tables are well-built for years of trouble-free, uninterrupted enjoyment.

Other features of our air hockey tables include:

  • LED playfield and chasing lights
  • LED scoring and timing on the playfield
  • Digital side scoring and credit displays
  • Rugged, scratch-resistant playfield
  • Sturdy body for years of constant use
  • Updated PC boards
  • USB and other ports
  • Easy access for service
  • Attraction music available
  • Factory presets, fully adjustable
  • Strong table legs with levelers
  • Custom mobility casters available
  • Coin- and bill-ready models available, manual or electronic
  • Credit-redemption systems
  • Custom overhead lighting available
Our air hockey tables offer super speed, good graphics, heavy-duty cabinets and premium finishes. They feature industrial-grade blowers for high-speed action and superior puck performance.The Slot Machine Store is Tucson’s leading supplier of air hockey tables and supplies for source for all brands of air hockey equipment, both new and old. We carry the best air hockey brands, and we can also repair and service even the oldest and rarest models. We can service almost anything here in our state-of-the-art facility in Tucson. We’ll answer any questions and make sure that you’re served quickly and fairly.

Need a part? Call us at (520) 888-0004 or e-mail us.

We keep all common air hockey parts in stock, and we can find any part for rare equipment on short notice. We recommend and install only the parts you need so that you save money and quickly return to enjoying your air hockey.
Sales, service & support for air hockey in Tucson.