Table Tennis

The Slot Machine Store carries Tucson’s most complete selection of table tennis and ping pong equipment. We’re your best choice for ping pong tables in Tucson and Pima County. Our showroom features a broad selection of table tennis equipment, from beginner to advanced players.

The Slot Machine Store sells, and services Pima County’s best table tennis equipment. We carry only high-quality brands, and we repair and service any ping pong table.

Have a question about table tennis? We’ll answer your questions and make sure you’re served quickly and fairly.

Whatever your game needs, we have a complete selection of ping pong and table tennis equipment.

A logo with an oval shape and a gray background. The text inside reads "OLHAUSEN The Best in Billiards AUTHORIZED DEALER" in white, stylized lettering, reminiscent of a classic pool table design.
A sleek grey and black sign hangs above the pool table.
The image shows the word "IMPERIAL" in white capital letters against a transparent or white background. The letter "P" is stylized with a circular metallic-looking object at its top right corner, resembling a coin or dial, much like the design details you'd find on an elegant pool table.